Saturday, May 24, 2014

Understanding Karen Horney’s Neurotic Needs

One of the things that are so interesting about psychology is Karen Horney’s theories on neurosis. In fact, Horney has the clearest theory in terms of neurosis. To easily understand this kind of need, here is the list of the needs according to her that are neurotic by nature. They are 10 all in all.

Understanding Karen Horney’s Neurotic Needs

  1. The Neurotic Need for Affection and Approval. This is a simple desire to be liked and to please others with what we do. Sometimes we simply want to meet the expectation of others toward us and after that the approval.
  2. The Neurotic Need for a Partner Who Will Take Over One’s Life. There is a desire to control someone, especially the partner in order to protect the relationship and this is characterized by this kind of neurotic need.
  3. The Neurotic Need to Restrict One’s Life Within Narrow Borders. There is an urge to control others and we do this for the sake of our self.
  4.  The Neurotic Need for Power. Power is something that people wants to gain. And gaining too much power over other is something neurotic.
  5. The Neurotic Need to Exploit Others. Exploiting others means controlling them in order to get what you want. Having this kind of neurotic need results to manipulation of others.
  6. The Neurotic Need for Prestige. Too much need for prestige or fame is neurotic. This neurotic need is common to achievers.
  7. The Neurotic Need for Personal Admiration. Being admired in the things that we do is so important. And this is where this kind of neurosis happens. As much as possible we like to be given attention as if we are the center of the universe.
  8. The Neurotic Need for Personal Achievement. In humans, achievement is so important. This is as important as life.
  9. The Neurotic Need for Self-Sufficiency and Independence. We do believe that being self-sufficient is so important but too much on this will lead to neurosis and it is associated with independence.
  10. The Neurotic Need for Perfection and Unassailability. We often tend to look at our flaws and imperfection and cover them up quickly. This neurotic need is somehow positive if we look at the other side of it.


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