Thursday, March 20, 2014

You Should Not Try Abortion

Due to the uncontrolled access to the internet, children are influenced by what they view on it. The different pornography sites they are able to access with just a click from their mouse are enough to lead them to possible problem.

You Should Not Try Abortion.
One of the most controversial topics whether on television and social media is abortion. And what is the meaning of abortion? Abortion is the removal of the fetus inside the uterus without reaching its viability. There are different types of abortion: The one that was done intentionally without health risk is a criminal act and the one that was done due to health risks are legally with consent from a doctor and the person.

As of today, the rate of teenage pregnancy is very high because are highly experimental of what they see and observe especially on the net. When they get pregnant due to their impulsive decisions and unplanned actions, the one on the womb suffers greatly and their future is sacrificed. On the part of the mother who is still studying, he has to stop to nurse her baby despite the fact that she is still not in the right age of maturity.

There are some bad effects that abortion does especially to the mother who indulges to it such as the uterus becomes weak and there is a chance for bleeding and rupture if not properly done not to mention the mental and psychological effect on the person. It is still important to undergo with the right procedure and let the baby see the world though you abhor your pregnancy.


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