Saturday, March 22, 2014

What to Do When Depression Strikes

We simply cannot avoid being depressed especially when something very important or someone very special has left, deserted or made us down. With depression, we might think of negative things until deciding of ending up our lives which is not supposed to be happening. Here are some helpful tips that you might want to try when depression strikes.

What to Do When Depression Strikes.
1.       Stay calm. You might say that this is a hard thing and I agree with you. It may be hard but it is possible. Keep calm. Rest your heart and don’t do anything.

2.       Rest. When you are depressed, you may find yourself tired of so many things. Be restful. Don’t try to do things that will only add to your burden.

3.       Bond with someone dear to you. There might be someone out there, maybe a friend or a family member whom you trust the most and it is the very moment wherein you should be honest with them with what you are going through. They might help you rise above your situation.

4.       Do not decide hastily. When you are depressed, you might tend to believe things so fast and claim something you want to do as beneficial to you where in fact it is not. Do not decide right away with what to do, wait for the right time and for the counsel of an expert.

5.       Pray. You might not be the kind of person who is religious but at least you should pray. These are kind of relaxation that you will get, along with peace of mind. You might find peace when praying.

Depression is a thing that we should battle with. We should not give up.


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