Saturday, March 1, 2014

Maintaining a Transparent Relationship

Starting a relationship is easy, but maintaining it requires a lot of efforts. When you are in a relationship, you cannot avoid quarrels caused by misunderstanding. To solve different issues of quarrels, all you need to do is maintain transparency. And what exactly is transparency. It can be shown in different ways.

Maintaining a Transparent Relationship.
Transparent in terms of secrets. Having so many secrets would give doubt to your partner. Yes, you have a private life and there are things for you to keep but be sure that your relationship is not affected by such.

Transparency in terms of feelings. Too often, we try to fake our feelings saying we are okay where in fact we are not. If you are angry, tell him or her. If you are sad, do not show to him or her that you are happy. He or she will assume that you are happy and contented with what have though you feel bad about several things. Transparency is honesty.

Transparency in terms of likes and dislikes. A good relationship is maintained when there is a sharing of likes and dislikes. If you will do this, you will be able to know what makes your partner happy and what will make him or her sad. You may not be the same on all aspects but at least you know what to do to make him or her happy. A good application of this is during your special occasions.

Transparency is the key to a successful relationship. Hiding so many things from your partner will just give you burdens to bear.


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