Thursday, March 27, 2014

All about Smallpox Causes and Cures

Variola major and Variola minor are the ones that are responsible for smallpox. Smallpox is known before as “red plague” and it was in the 15th century when the term “smallpox” was used. There are so many gesticulations with regards to the very first origin of the diseases. And it is believed to have existed before in human race because of evidences like the rashes found in Ramses V’s mummy. In fact, it has killed so many people, especially Europeans during the 18th century when it became rampant. Because of these information, in the recent years, the WHO or World Health Organization has made a campaign in order to eradicate this disease that is killing so many people of different races in a year.

All about Smallpox Causes and Cures.
Smallpox Causes

As what I have said, the variola major and variola minor are the causes of smallpox. They came from the Poxviridiae family of viruses of double strand DNA in large sizes. Normally, it spreads through prolonged face to face contact when an infected person tries to sneeze, cough or even talk. The spread can also become possible depending on the ventilation of the room. In fact, it can also be done when there is a contact on the clothing, beddings and other things of the one who is infected.

Smallpox Cures

As of now, there are no cures for smallpox. The WHO is doing its best in order to make sure that everyone is aware of what might possibly happen when infected with this disease. This is the reason why they never cease making campaigns for public awareness. The best thing to do is as much as possible, avoid or stay away from someone who is infected in order to avoid the spread of the disease. This as of now is the best solution to stop the spread of smallpox.


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