Thursday, February 6, 2014

Is there any Cure for Asthma?

As of now, there is no known cure for asthma. It can only be managed or relieved but not totally cured. There are a lot of treatment suggestions on which we can try to control the asthma attack and prevent things that can trigger it. With this kind of disease, people do intensive researches just to discover the cure but would only end up into knowing the different management of the disease to prevent its attack. And speaking of management, working with your doctor to come up with an action plan of managing the disease would be of great help, thus preventing frequent asthma attack.

Is there any Cure for Asthma?
There are different medications and therapies that can be used such as avoiding being over fatigue and performing good breathing exercise together with preventing in exposure on the different risk factors. If the case is a little extensive, the use of steroids is done. This kind of medication however, would cause a decrease on the immune defense of the body that would make a person more at risk of acquiring other disease. So, if you are on this type of therapy, take extra caution in protecting yourself.

Diet plays a great role in the process. There are foods that can trigger asthma attack and the effect can make airway canal constricted and the patient would experience dyspnea and chest pain and worst is death. Lastly, as a reminder for those with the family history of asthma and medical history of the attack, be careful on what you intake to prevent exacerbation.


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