Thursday, February 6, 2014

Creating a Healthy Environment

Because there is too much risk in the world today, we cannot exactly say that we are living in a healthy environment or not. This year 2014, the world is increasing in age and it has an implication that industries are increasing, population is increasing, and natural resources might be decreasing. With the reverse effects of technology to the environment, is it really possible nowadays to live in a healthy one? Well, think about the younger ones, the sick and the older ones that we protect. We need to live in an environment that will allow us to live healthy and longer.

Creating a Healthy Environment
Let’s accept the fact that we have little resources or means in changing this world and bringing it back to its original state that is why we can only change the areas wherein we have control of, and it is our own household. It includes inside the house and the environment outside. The best thing to do now is make it clean and free from any viruses that might harm the health of those who are residing in it. Imagine if all households will do this. Think of the impact in the community if everyone will agree to do this thing in their own.

The job of creating a healthy environment is not just the job of one. Sometimes we rely on our government to do this for us without knowing that we can do something to help. With this, there is a sense of responsibility projected that will be reflected by the future generations. Healing this world is not a fast thing to do. And if we do something – act now instead of procrastinating, we will go somewhere.


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