Thursday, February 27, 2014

Choosing your own fashion

Fashion is a part of every person's life. When we say fashion, we are talking about accessories, clothes and shoes. Every now and then, new fashion trend comes out and people tend to be so obsessed to be in. But I must say that in choosing your own fashion, do not just rely on what is trending now but study on your features. Your fashion should always compliment with your asset and improve your image because not all clothing that suite unto others  will also suite you. You should also consider your comfort. You should be comfortable with your choice of clothes and accessories.

Choosing your own fashion
There are a lot of things that you should consider in choosing the right fashion for you. One of which is your height. You should know the right type of clothing that will make you look taller than your height. With your skin and complexion, choose colors that will always bring out your best skin complexion. Aside from the height and complexion, take into consideration also the body built of the person, examine if you are slim or chubby. Also, in choosing your fashion, consider also your financial capabilities and this should not become a burden on your part. Weigh on the different factors before buying or purchasing a product.

Lastly, your fashion defines on who you are as a person. Sometimes, we use fashion to express our inner self. Through this, people will understand and accept of being who you really are.


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