Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Bullying is More than a Crime

Bullying is a common problem in the society nowadays. Though this is taken for granted, it can cause emotional problems much deeper than we think. So, it is best to do something about this as much as possible. If you have a child that is bullied by his classmate, do not think that it is just a child’s game but rather consider what will be the outcome of bullying which can cause serious problems mentally and emotionally to the person. Bullying is classified as follows:

Bullying is More than a Crime.
Verbally. This is done by means of giving ridiculous names to a person, comments and other bad things coming from the mouth. The most common issue in terms of verbal bullying is gender. Most homosexuals suffer from this kind of bullying.

Physically. When someone bigger or stronger uses force on someone like punching, pinching, hitting, etc. it is considered as bullying physically. Cases of this kind of bullying can lead to as worse as sexual harassment.

Socially. There are rejections that someone will feel when he is not accepted socially. Probably he is different from the rest. Probably he is not that attractive or there is a kind of set-up that took place to make that person suffer.

Cyber bullying. Nowadays, this is included in the forms of bullying. Because of exposure in social networking sites and information spreads quickly, people are quick to judging others. And because of this they are able to give their comments on a person online which leads to cyber bullying. 


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