Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Tendency to Motion Sickness

It is hard to travel when you have motion sickness. Sometimes you spend so much time planning for your trip along with the destinations where you want to go. You are there and everyone else, including your friends. They are laughing and excited to board a ship or an airplane just to get faster to your destination but you are not that excited. There is this hindrance inside of you that is trying to stop you from giving out your best smile. This is so because of motion sickness.

The Tendency to Motion Sickness
According to research, it is the mismatch of information captured by your eyes that your brain cannot process that causes motion sickness. Some say that motion sickness has something to do with the genes, thus, the family factor has a very high contribution to motion sickness.

In case you are experiencing this kind of feeling when you are travelling by land, air or water, you have to intake anti motion sickness medicines in the form of tablets. Take one approximately 30 minutes before your travel and you will feel relief. A good exercise for motion sickness is that you have to try also not to take any medicine when you can. You will be able to train yourself not to take any medicine when you travel until such time that you will be able to let go of the medicine.

There are instances also when motion sickness is felt by someone even in stationary condition. These people have very high risk for motion sickness that they have to be guided when travelling.


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