Friday, January 3, 2014

The Media is in Control of Everything

What we can see daily controls us and even directs our lives. The mass media nowadays is slowly conquering the minds of every individual. There are so many things that mass media can do that we often fail to recognize only to know in the long run that we have been deceived.  Do not let this thing happen to you. Be vigilant in dealing with mass media.

The Media is in Control of Everything
Be objective. Do not judge quickly on what you see but rather think and learn more about the issue.

Do not decide quickly. You may have watched a certain product being advertised. You should not decide instantly in buying such product, instead know about it very well. People fall into the decoy of businessmen because they fail to recognize the value of awareness.

Be in control of your senses.  You might find yourself being emotionally attached with what mass media is showing you and there is a danger in it. You should be in control of your emotion. You should not let yourself be driven by your emotion in terms of decision making.

Mass media can be beneficial to you if you learn how to control it. Do not let yourself be controlled by mass media but be in control of your life and soon you will find out that you are managing things well. There are so many dangers of being a mass media slave. If possible, make use of your sound judgment just to bring out what is truthful. This is the ultimate truth about mass media.


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