Monday, December 2, 2013

Facebook as a Tool for Students

The rise of social networking sites is very drastic that they have created huge ripples of changes to the lives of so many people, including students. With the use of facebook alone, one can easily connect with someone and mingle in cyber world. But is it really through these things that facebook can be useful? Well, I think not. Facebook can be a tool for students in these simple ways:

Facebook as a Tool for Students
Facebook groups. In facebook, there are groups with common denominators. With these common denominators, you can evaluate yourself what you need. The moment you will enter a group, say for example a group of people who are fond of astronomy, psychology and the like, you will get update and eventually learn.

Facebook fan pages. With facebook fan pages, you will certainly become more updated and informed of the latest information that will certainly help you as a student. There are pages about knowledge, entertainment, sports, etc.

Wall posts. There are quotes and other important details that can be learned by a simple wall post of a friend or an ordinary individual. I, myself is also fond of reading other’s posts and I am constantly learning each time. There are information(s) that are shared on the walls of these ordinary people and you’ve got to catch them.
With these things that you will gain from facebook, you will not just connect and socialize with people but also gain knowledge that will help you become a better student. The flow of information in facebook is endless because it is connected to so many information sites.


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